Compared to the other villages of the area, Semproniano has long been passed by, but today, with the new Fibbianello-road, connecting it to the thermal Water-Falls of Saturnia at a distance of 9 km, ten minutes drive, Semproniano is becoming more and more appreciated by all visitors, who want to spend some time living an authentic small village in the Maremma-hinterland.

The atmosphere in Semproniano and in the surrounding countryside is typical, because it has not yet been changed by mass-tourism. You can get just the same country-side feeling in any place you choose for accommodation, or in restaurants and bars.


If you love the mountains, you can stay in Semproniano and easily drive to Mt. Amiata ( about 40 km away ). Interesting centres of the area around Siena ( like Montalcino, famous for wine etc... ) are more easily reached from Semproniano than from other Maremma-villages. 

Saturnia, as already mentioned, is so close that you can live in Semproniano and have your warm bathe in the thermal water every day.

The air is in Semproniano healthier and fresher, than in other Maremma - centres, because of its higher position ( 626 m a.s.l.), which makes it possible to enjoy beautiful views, especially from the top of the village, very picturesque with its stone - houses and Romanesque churches.


The large amount of thousand years old olive trees, which make the landscape particularly nice, is a major economic source for the area, due to the production of the famous Tuscan Olio d'Oliva extravergine. 

In Fibbianello, near Semproniano, the remains of a special millenary olive tree are visible: it was one of the oldest and biggest in Europe, but was unfortunately destroyed some years ago due to arson.